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What is the most appropriate type of home vacuum cleaner to choose?

Mar 14,/2022

Nowadays, people’s living conditions have improved greatly, and the cleaning methods of home hygiene have also been greatly improved, and their cleaning tools are no longer limited to the traditional model. There are many types of vacuum cleaners, what is the most suitable type of vacuum cleaner for home use?

There are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market, which can be broadly divided into horizontal vacuum cleaners, barrel vacuum cleaners and the most popular handheld wireless vacuum cleaners on the market today. Choosing a vacuum cleaner for home use depends not only on the size of the vacuum cleaners’ suction power, but also on how well the vacuum cleaner vacuums and whether it can quickly and steadily suck the dust and garbage off the ground.

Vacuum cleaners are actually divided into many functions, and not all vacuum cleaners can be bought back to suck anything. For example, if there is a large amount of peeled garbage to be cleaned, a small diameter vacuum cleaner will not be able to suck in if the pipe is stuck or if the vacuum rate is low. There are also many vacuum cleaners that can only be used dry, and cannot be used to suck water, and will not have the function of blowing dust and drying.

From the history of the evolution of vacuum cleaners we can also find that technology and life are changing at the same time, today a variety of cleaning products, dazzling, so in the choice of home vacuum cleaner, it is more important to remain sensible, in understanding their own core needs and products based on a comprehensive choice, the most suitable is the best.


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