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Which is a better choice for home vacuum cleaner brands?

Mar 21,/2022

Usually, it is very necessary to clean your home regularly, but most people want to get a short break after their busy work day, so it would be better if the burden can be reduced in the household work. Vacuum cleaner products are born under this demand, there are many brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, so which is a better choice for home vacuum cleaner brands?


The most important part of home vacuum cleaner products is the size of the suction power and product quality, of course, superior performance can also bring more advantages on top of the foundation. jimmy vacuum cleaner products in the design have always been very humane, wireless vacuum cleaner jimmy jv53, for example, to ensure that users use the convenience of the design of three cleaning modes, mode selection and the selection of the mode and the use of the situation can be presented through the visual color screen. In addition, compared to the NEX generation vacuum cleaner, the JV53 cordless vacuum cleaner has stronger suction power, higher vacuum and longer life, which can effectively achieve deep cleaning.

In addition, JIMMY vacuum cleaner products brush head is detachable, the brand will also be configured with other types of brush head related, such as H9pro all-purpose floor brush for all-terrain and all-scene, electric mite brush for mattress and sofa, pet brush and hose for pets, etc. It is very convenient to use, and multi-use is also quite beneficial in terms of storage. In order to ensure the health of users and their families, JIMMY also attaches great importance to the improvement of the filtration system and noise reduction system, which is very satisfactory so far.


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