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Handheld Cordless Window Glass Vacuum Cleaner

Mar 08,/2022

When we clean windows, glass table tops or marbles, we need to wipe with a rag and then wash the rag. This is repeated many times, which is very troublesome, and will leave a lot of water stains after wiping.

JIMMY VW302 handheld cordless window glass vacuum cleaner can help us solve those problems perfectly.

Vacuuming and Wiping Simultaneously, Cleans Surfaces with One Single Pass.
Adopting vacuuming and wiping design, while the machine wipe the surface, the innovative spiral air channel will suck the waste water into the water tank simultaneously. Leaving the surface gleaming.  Its precise angle between the head and machine body enables wiping head contacting tightly with cleaning surface and wiping more effectively.

Innovative Soft Silica Gel Scraper Bar
Double Cleaning Power Without Scratch.
Equipped with 200mm super-wide soft rubber squeegee. Picks up waste water and stain with efficiently and easily cleans hard to reach areas such as edges and gaps. The soft rubber has a close touch with the surface, leaving no trace on the surface, leaving cleaning surface bright and clean.

Multi-function Application
Not just be confined to clean windows, but also can clean smooth surfaces such as tea table, bathroom mirror, tile, automobile window and so on.

Spray and Wipe, Say Goodbye to the Dust and Stains

Step1: Spray the Detergent Evenly, Found Stains Nowhere.
The fan-shaped spray from the nozzle enables the detergent attach to cleaning surfaces evenly. The microfiber head can wipe and deep clean the surfaces.

Step 2: Vacuuming and Wiping Simultaneously, Cleans Surfaces with One Single Pass.

Humanization Design to Reduce Housework
0.5 Kg lightweight and ergonomic handle design make it as light as to hold a box of milk. You can take on even the biggest cleaning tasks with minimal effort even though after long-time use.
One-step Empty Drain Tank, Without Getting Hand Dirty
No need to disassemble drain tank, only need to open drain tank, directly dump the waste water without getting hand dirty.


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