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Is Home Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Really Good?

Feb 21,/2022

Nowadays, when you search for vacuum cleaners on e-commerce platforms, most of them appear to be wireless vacuum cleaners, which have become the most common type of household vacuum cleaners. Many brands on the market have also started to produce and promote wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, but there are still many people who are confused about whether wireless vacuum cleaners are really good for home use.

Wireless vacuum cleaners are the more mainstream vacuum cleaner style in the market in recent years, compared to the more common horizontal vacuum cleaners for home use, its biggest innovative feature is the wireless operation, more flexible and convenient to use.

Although horizontal vacuum cleaners generally have high suction power, they need to be plugged in during use, which results in a restricted and unchanged cleaning range, the need to consider the location of the socket and the length of the wire when replacing the room to be cleaned, as well as the need to pay attention to the winding of the wire and hidden safety issues when using them. In addition, the horizontal vacuum cleaner will produce a lot of noise when working, even large like the noise of renovation, both the user’s feeling of use and the impact on the next person is not friendly.

Wireless vacuum cleaner solves the problem of traditional vacuum cleaner operation limited by the wire, with the go, as long as a person can reach the place, you can flexibly use the wireless vacuum cleaner, greatly enhancing the operating experience of consumers. In addition, most consumers are very worried about the cleaning effect, wireless vacuum cleaners are constantly making improvements and technical breakthroughs. For example, the JIMMY home wireless vacuum cleaner uses a 120,000 rpm digital brushless motor, which can reach 150W of inhalation power, and its strong and surging suction power fully meets the needs of consumers’ home cleaning. And JIMMY with high quality power supply is to ensure that the product length of use, do not worry about cleaning to half but need to stop charging embarrassing things.

JIMMY household wireless vacuum cleaner not only ensures efficient cleaning effect, but also attaches great importance to consumer experience, whether its product handle ergonomic design, fashionable and simple appearance, low decibel sense of use, these are the details of the product reflects the quality, but also reflects the brand’s craftsmanship.


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