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What are the Advantages of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Over Other Types of Products?

Jan 30,/2022

The biggest reason why people use vacuum cleaner products to clean their home environment is the convenience and ease. The emergence and smooth launch of cordless vacuum cleaner products is because these products can bring more convenience to people. So, what are the advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners compared to other types of products?

From the entire product category, cordless vacuum cleaners are not constrained by wires because of their wireless design, so they can be used on the go when in use, without dead spots and often with a relatively small size and weight. However, in terms of advantages, there are differences between different brands of products. As a brand that focuses on wireless high-end handheld vacuum cleaner products, Rui Mi’s products are very satisfactory in terms of performance and quality.

There are many advantages of JIMMY products, such as surging suction power, JIMMY used are DC digital brushless motor, at least 80,000 revolutions, some products will also cooperate with the cone cyclone device, so as to achieve the effect of deep cleaning. In addition, in order to ensure the ease and convenience of users, JIMMY wireless vacuum cleaner products are designed to be lightweight, optimizing the internal structure and materials to ensure great suction power while creating the lightest possible weight. For example, the JIMMY F8E weighs only 1.3kg, and the development of JIMMY products has been enhanced by the use of multiple brush heads, multiple filtration and noise reduction systems, and so on.

Compared to other vacuum cleaner brands, JIMMY’s cordless vacuum cleaner products have always been very cost-effective. These are the advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners, but there must be differences between different products, you should still compare different products according to their own needs when buying, so as to feel the value for money when using.


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