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The effectiveness of the mite removal instrument, whether it can really remove mites.

Jan 24,/2022

In our daily contact with different places, it is now easy to produce mites that can cause harm to our skin. Clearing mites is not a simple matter, many people will choose to use the mite removal instrument, but how can we determine the effectiveness of this instrument to remove mites? Is it really able to remove mites? Today, I will tell you.

The effectiveness of the mite remover is very good. The working principle of the mite cleaner is actually the same as the vacuum cleaner, but there is a slight difference in function and volume. First of all, the mite cleaner is specifically applied to remove mites, and secondly, the vacuum cleaner also joins the pat function, using the pat to remove mites. Some of the mites also have ultraviolet function for sterilization.

The important function in a mite remover is the patting function, which destroys the mite leg grip and requires the selection of a mite remover with a strong patting function. In addition to patting, you also need to suck away mite excrement and mite carcasses, so you also need strong suction, simply to kill the mites thus ordinary mite removal instrument is not effective, you also need to suck out the mite carcasses and allergens to dispose it.

Ordinary sunlight and patting do not get rid of mites, deep mites will also use claws to grab, it is difficult to be patted out. The mites can be effectively sucked out through the mite cleaner, and through the filtering system of the mite cleaner itself, the mites are left in the dust bag and eventually clean air is discharged. The JIMMY mite cleaner is good and can meet the daily requirements of mite removal. The JIMMY mite cleaner is designed with a compact and lightweight shape, a high-power motor that can suck away the deep mites, and has a three-layer purification system from hair debris too. The JIMMY mite cleaner is able to effectively absorb small particles of 0.3 microns and purify the air discharge to avoid secondary pollution of dust mites. It also comes with a 360° flexible base can easily fit the bed surface and flexibly clean.

The dust mite meter is able to effectively remove mites, and the effect is very good, so I highly recommend that you buy a dust mite meter. I hope that you buy the right dust mite meter in order for you to have a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.


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