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JIMMY Technology to debut at IFA 2022, unveil innovative products for smart home-cleaning

Sep 05,/2022

On September 2, European time, the 61st International Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Exhibition (referred to as “IFA”) was grandly opened in Berlin, Germany.
As one of the most influential consumer electronics fairs in the world, IFA is a grand event for global consumer electronics manufacturers and traders to showcase new products and conduct business and technology exchanges.
As one of the representative technology brands in China’s cleaning field, JIMMY appeared at this exhibition to showcase its new products and cutting-edge technologies such as wet and dry vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, anti-mite vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and etc.

JIMMY’s performance in this exhibition has received high attention from overseas media and industries, and has also gained attention and consultation from many countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America,South America including online and offline customers. This exhibition is not only an important step for Jimmy Technology’s “deep cultivation” in the European market, but also an important measure to further expand its global brand influence.

Highlighted at the JIMMY IFA booth is the JIMMY new cordless vacuum&washer JIMMY HW10 and new cordless vacuum cleaner JIMMY H10 Pro.

JIMMY HW10 adopts a patented brushless digital motor with 400W super suction, combines vacuuming, washing and scrubbing functions together, which can clean wet and dry debris and easily deal with stubborn and sticky messes on different floors.
You can even switch to a handheld vacuum to easily remove dust and debris from bookcases, beds, sofas, and more.

Powered by patented 55% high efficiency brushless digital motor, comes with 245AW huge suction! Meanwhile, it is equipped with smart dust sensor, automatic adjustment of suction technology, can automatically detect the type of floor and adjust the cleaning power. Flexible metal tube can be rotated 90°degrees up and down, easily cleaning all areas, especially hard-to-reach low areas without kneeling or squatting. JIMMY H10 Pro can bring you extraordinary using experience you ever image.

Another headlining product being presented is JIMMY BX7 Pro anti-mite vacuum cleaner.

The JIMMY BX7Pro is equipped with a smart dust detection sensor, combined with an LED display, allowing you to intuitively track the surface cleanliness. In addition to the excellent tapping and suction power as always. This JIMMY BX7 Pro integrates the functions of UV ultraviolet sterilization, ultrasonic mites removal, and 60°C hot air, which truly removes dust mites/bacteria in the depths of beds and sofas, and effectively removes mites for a long time.

In addition to wet and dry vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, and mite removal vacuum cleaners, JIMMY has brought new products such as Nano-water ion high-speed hair dryer, smart silent fan, desktop water purifier and so on.
In the future, JIMMY will continue to invest in research and development, keep pace with the times, and continue to provide consumers around the world with smarter and more user-friendly cleaning products.
Let technology create a better life.

JIMMY, the brand under KingClean Electric Co.,Ltd,.KingClean has been focusing in environmental cleaning industry for 28 years since 1994 and has been one of the world’s biggest vacuum cleaner developing and manufacturing company for 18 years since 2004.
Kingclean has over 800 R&D engineers and more than 1700 patents, applies around 200 new patents and develops around 100 new products each year. More than 160 million users worldwide choose KingClean’s vacuum cleaners.

For more information,please click on JIMMY official website:


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